Warranty Provisions


This regulation aims to unify the contents of warranty policy for Eurostone products in order to ensure the quality of the company's products and services.


- Subjects of application: apply to the warranty of Quartz stone products
- Scope of application: applicable to sales and after-sales activities of Eurostone Company.


1. For users:

Failure to follow the instructions below will result in damage to the product of varying degrees from appearance to durability and longevity of the product, and is also considered a defect. of the user will void the warranty of part or all of the product.

2. User manual:

2.1. Things to do
- Protect the stone surface by using plastic pieces or other soft objects to prevent scratching the stone surface.
- Vacuum regularly, especially in places with a lot of people walking to avoid sand particles that cause scratches due to travel friction.
- Use a felt or clean cloth to wipe the floor when there is dust or dirt, you can use a damp cloth after wringing out the water to wipe it.
- If the stone surface is not too dirty, it should not be cleaned every day, just use a feather brush to wipe away the dust. Weekly use clean water with neutral soap, with a soft and clean rag to keep the stone surface clean. It is necessary to re-waterproof every year to ensure that the stone does not stain.
- For spilled stains: Wipe with paper towels, cotton towels immediately the stains. Only wipe the dirty area, wipe from the outside to the inside to prevent the stain from spreading. Rinse a little water with mild soap, then rinse a few times. Dry with a soft cloth. Repeat several times until clean.
- When spilling oil, wine, coffee, tea... need to dry immediately to avoid seeping into the stone. Places prone to spillage of dirty water need polishing, periodically waterproofing the stone surface and the waterproofing agent must be of the right type so that the stone color does not change.
- Depending on the level of use and damage to the stone surface, it is necessary to have a maintenance polishing regimen every 6 months or 12 months or maybe longer if the daily maintenance is done well.

2.2. Things to avoid
- Do not wash the stone floor or let water or floor cleaner stand on the stone surface.
- Do not pull objects with bases, sharp edges on the stone surface.
- Do not use hard objects to scrape or sandpaper on the stone surface.
- Avoid letting some common drinks and chemicals come into contact with the stone floor, because they can damage the stone floor: juices, shaving cream, alcoholic drinks, soda, fragrance oils, water nail polish remover, ketchup, mustard sauce, vinegar, cleaning chemicals from supermarkets, dish soap, perm chemicals - hair dye, bath soaps containing EDTA, granulated salt, sand , toothpaste, drain cleaner, toilet cleaner and any solution containing acids or alkalis.
- Let the stone surface be badly damaged to be re-polished, because so the maintenance work will have to be complicated, time-consuming, expensive and sometimes the broken stone surface cannot be repaired.

3. Product Warranty

3.1. Warranty scope:
- The surface gloss coating of the product is guaranteed not to peel off within 01 year from the date of installation.

3.2. No warranty coverage
- Normal wear and tear during use (edges are no longer sharp, waterproof layer wears off, scratches from use, gloss and color fade).
- The product is damaged due to improper use as recommended by Eurostone company.
- The stone product is damaged due to the user's error or a third party intentionally or unintentionally causing damage, using chemicals not in accordance with the instructions, the user arbitrarily edits the product.
- Damage occurs in force majeure events such as natural disasters, storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, etc., misused for purposes and instructions for use.

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